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Generosity Made Simple!

The Future According to Jesus Part #7 The Increase of Lawlessness

The crumbling of morality in our world is something Jesus predicted would happen just prior to His return. In part #7 of our series on what Jesus taught about His return Marquis examines the "increase in lawlessness" and how "the love of many growing cold" is something that is not only happening rapidly now, but was predicted in several places in the New Testament.

The Future According to Jesus Part #6: Apostasy-Is It Here Already?

Jesus not only gave His disciples the Great Commission, but He also predicted a time when the world would turn away from Christianity. He called it a great falling away from the faith, and told of family members and friends betraying one another. How does this prediction fit into the sequence of events Jesus taught would accompany His return. Marquis examines this prophecy and how it's literally being fulfilled in our generation.


The Future According to Jesus Part #5: Religious Persecution

Jesus predicts a wave of religious persecution for His followers that will be worse than the Holocaust. What are some of the ways the persecution will reach you? What role could new technologies play? How can you prepare? This is part #5 in our "Future According to Jesus" series.

The Future According to Jesus Part #4: Natural Disasters

2018 was a record year for natural disasters.  Marquis examines these and reveals how earthquakes, famines, and plagues have been fulfilling Bible prophecy. PLUS: 12 things Jesus taught that must happen BEFORE He returns.

7 Myths About Christmas

Marquis shares the Christmas story in chronological order, and reveals 7 popular myths about what really happened. He also examines the origin of Christmas and many of the traditions surrounding the holiday.

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