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Generosity Made Simple!

Prophecy in The News: Mob Purging, Is Babylon Being Built? Trans-racial?

Are we living in a culture that resembles the days of Noah? What does the loss of common sense mean for the average American believer? Marquis reflects on the week's headlines and how they fit into Bible prophecy. Also, author Bobby Blanton returns to discuss how you can move forward in God's purpose for your life.

Bobby Blanton Interview Pt. #1 The Trail of Transforming Faith

In addition to discussing the biblical principals behind the recent church shootings, Hollywood scandals, and overall craziness of the news-Marquis interviews author and pastor Bobby Blanton about his new book: The Trail of Transforming Faith. When God Calls You To Leave Everything Behind. Wh.ere ever you are in your spiritual journey this interview and book will be a tremendous encouragement to spur you forward into God's purpose for your life. Look for these resources in the store: The Trail of Transforming Faith (Book) , and Genesis: The Story of Abraham (DVD).

Your Letters, Comments, & Changes to the Show

On our 6th year anniversary of broadcasting The Moral Dilemma Marquis talks about the suggestions, questions, and comments, you would like to see happen. Just what is it that American Christians are about to experience? How ready are you for what is just around the corner?


The Timing of Jesus' Return: A Debate?

Instead of confusion, the church should have a healthy unity around the truth of all of Scripture on this issue. Sound-bites from popular end-times speakers are examined and compared to Scripture. Marquis is joined again by Nelson Walters as they discuss what Jesus said about the events just prior to His return for the church.

Rapture: Case Closed? Author Nelson Walters Interview Pt. #3

Marquis and author Nelson Walters discuss how Matthew 24 fits into the book of Revelation, and Paul's teaching in 2Thess. Is there really a "3rd coming", or is Jesus just coming a 2nd time? The timing of God's wrath and the rapture of the church have never been clearer. And what does Paul mean when he refers to "the last trumpet"? Make sure you understand what the Bible really teaches about these subjects.

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