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Tim Warner Interview Part #4 Where Are We Now On God's Calendar?

Marquis continues his interview with "Time of The End" author Tim Warner to discuss where we are now on God's Calendar. How can we know what is about to happen next based on what God has done in the past? Are we closing in on the end of the church age?


Tim Warner Interview Part #3 How Did The Early Church View Jesus' Return?

In part #3 of Marquis' interview with "Time of The End" author Tim Warner, we examine what the early church believed about the return of Jesus. How did they grow in their understanding of the timing of His return? How did they keep track of God's Calendar?

Tim Warner Interview Part #2 What is A Biblical Timeline?

Part 2 of Marquis' interview with author Tim Warner to discuss his book "The Time of The End". They examine what a "biblical chronology" is. Why it's important to view time from God's perspective, and how the creation account  and seven day week reveal God's plan for human history.

Tim Warner Interview Part #1 The Timing of Jesus' Return

There is a lot more information about the timing of Jesus' return in the scriptures than is commonly taught. Marquis interviews Tim Warner, author of The Time of The End about the common mistakes date setters make, and the dangers of assuming no one can know much about what God is going to do next. Plus, Marquis answers one listeners question: Will part of the Church go through the Great Tribulation?

The Presidential Election-How We Can Effect Change

Marquis discusses the ways believers have been able to change governments with spiritual tools. Plus, is the second coming of Jesus supposed to be a surprise? Yes? No? All of the above?

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